Everything you need to start using GraphQL

Apollo is an incrementally-adoptable data stack that manages the flow of data between clients and backends.

Based on GraphQL, it gives you a principled, unified, and scalable API for developing modern apps on top of services.
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Use GraphQL to build new features without requiring new APIs
All the benefits of GraphQL
Apollo decouples your clients from your services. Build new features without writing new APIs, refactor your backends without breaking your clients, and ship the exact data each client needs over the network.
Apollo is incrementally adoptable
Interoperable & incremental
Use any combination of Angular, React, Meteor, Redux, and anything else JavaScript, with native mobile coming soon. You can start using Apollo in just one component, side-by-side with REST.
Apollo includes GraphQL tools
Great developer tools
Apollo comes with helpful tools that let you write your GraphQL schema in a declarative way and mock API data. Since the Apollo client is built on Redux, you can use the Redux DevTools to understand and debug.

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